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For each of the names below there is a profile of the person's life built up from census, parish, trade directories and other records.  Dates in italic are approximate. If you notice any errors please contact us with details.


If you wish information on particular people please request via the "Contact Us" Tab naming the individual(s). 


AMBLER, George (1817-1891)                   Manufacturer; Canal Works

AMBLER, George (1845-1923)                   Ironmonger; Kirkgate

AMBLER, James (1838-1907)                    Mechanic; Canal Works

AMBLER, John Robertshaw (1843-1898)   Mechanic

AMBLER, Robert Robertshaw (1865-?)      Manufacturer; Canal Works; bankrupted

ASQUITH, Anthony (1798-1879)                  Farmer at Holden Gate

BAIRSTOW, Charles (1863-1935)                Wool merchant & farmer; Keighley

BAIRSTOW, Percy (1863-1943)                   Corn merchant & dairy farmer; Hainsworth House

BALDWIN, John (1848-1874)                       Woollen manufacturer

BALDWIN, Peter (1820-1864)                       Agent employing handloom weavers

BALDWIN, Stephen (1828-1874)                  Nail maker (son of John Baldwin (1788-1853)

BALDWIN, William (1790-1867)                    Labourer and woolcomber

BERRY, Jane (1825-1852)                            School mistress

BERRY, John (1790-1864)                            Grocer, farmer, postmaster

BERRY, Samuel (1819-1890)                        Joiner and grocer in the Becks

BLAND, John (1788-1853)                            Calico manufacturer

BLAND, John (1821-1914)                            Nail maker

BOOTH, Mercy (1784-1837)                         Near Ghyll Grange Farm

BRACEWELL, Henry (1806-1851)                Plumber and glazier

BRIGGS, Henry (1833-1888)                        Partner of George Jacques

BRIGGS, James (1822-1875)                       Worsted spinner of Manningham (buried in St. james' churchyard

CLARK, John (1765-1838)                            Farmer; Clark Fold (St. John's Street)

CLARK, John (1793-1858)                            Farmer; Clark Fold

CLARK, John (1828-1891)                            Farmer; Clark Fold

CLARK, Thomas Rhodes (1861-1923)          Joiner; later farmer; Clark Fold

CLARKSON, Jonas (1788-1857)                   Nail maker; Tar Topping

CLARKSON [Jackson], Henry (1807-1874)   Nail maker; Tar Topping

CLARKSON [Jackson], Jonas (1830-1904)   Farmer

CLARKSON [Jackson], John (1850-1899)     Farmer; Tar Topping

CLOUGH, William Arthur (1876-1937)           Textile manufacturer; Silsden house

CLOUGH, Roger (1901-1974)                        Gentleman farmer; born in Silsden House

COCKSHOTT, Henry (1827-1908)                  Nail maker

COCKSHOTT, Christopher (1797-1861)         Woolstapler, farmer: Crossmoor

COCKSHOTT, John (1751-1812)                    Farmer and wool stapler; Silsden Moor and Kildwick

COCKSHOTT, John (1778-1856)                    Farmer; Crossmoor

COCKSHOTT, John (1806-1859)                    Beer seller and farmer; Grinning Rat, Crossmoor

COCKSHOTT, John (1830-1888)                    Smallholder, woolcomber; Crossmoor

COWLING, Fortune (1770-1846)                    Otley nail maker

COWLING, Frank (1849-1926)                        Carpenter, joiner; employer

COWLING, Percy (1883-1935)                        Bank clerk; later bank manager

COWLING, Thomas (1820-1874)                    Carpenter, timber merchant; employer

DARBY, Joseph (1836-1912)                           Nail maker

DIXON, William (1867-1939)                            Wood turner; photographer

DRIVER, Arthur (1890-1977)                           Manager; North Street Mills (Driver Brothers)

DRIVER, Charles (1860-1942)                         Nail manufacturer

DRIVER, Frank (1868-1935)                            Textile manufacturer; North Street Mills

DRIVER, Henry Ripley (1864-1932)                 Textile manufacturer; North street Mills

DRIVER, William (1819-1878)                          Nail manufacturer

ELLISON, Jacob Bailey (1849-1924)                Textile manufacturer; worsted spinner

ELLISON, James (1838-1906)                          Station master, publican and hotel keeper

FLETCHER, Charles Henry (1875-1924)         Textile manufacturer; Becks House

FLETCHER, Charles Thomas (1882-1975)      Textile manufacturer

FLETCHER, Joshua (1802-1875)                     Becks Mill joint owner

FLETCHER, Richard (1852-1949)                    Textile manufacturer; Berry & Fletcher Ltd., Riversleigh

FLETCHER, Tom (1854-  )                                Coal merchant; The Elms

FLETCHER, William (1828-1886)                     Coal merchant 

FOSTER, Henry Christopher (1872-1925)        Printer and compositor; photographer

FOSTER, Isaac (1848-1934)                             Manager of cotton yarn factory

GAWTHORPE, John (1817-1897)                     Cordwainer; later police constable

GILL, John (1799-1876)                                     Coal merchant; Penny Peck Hall

GILL, Thomas (1807-1876)                                Farmer and beer seller (Main Street)

GREENWOOD, David (1838-1873)                   Overlooker; Becks Mill

HARTLEY, William (1857-1924)                         Sequah; medicine man

HEATON, Robert (1823-1863)                           Worsted manufacturer; Becks Mill

HENTHORN, Harold (1876-1926)                     Silsden police constable

HINDLE, James William (1886-1972)                Clog iron maker

HINDLE, John (1778-1845)                               Handloom weaver

HINDLE, John (1812-1879)                               Weaver; woolcomber; quarryman

HINDLE, John (1850-1912)                               Nail maker

HOLLINGS, Cornelius (1814-1889)                  Overlooker; Becks Mill

HOLMES, Isaac (1822-?)                                  Overlooker; Becks Mill in 1841

HOLMES, Jacob (1816-1900)                           Overlooker; Becks Mill 

HORN(E), John (1746-1802)                             Farmer and innkeeper

HORN(E), John (1819-1904)                             Farmer

NORN(E), Peter (1783-1862)                            Farmer

HORN(E), Thomas William (1852-1940)           Nail maker

JACKSON, George (1783-1863)                       Farmer and tallow chandler

JACQUES, George (1830-1895)                       Textile manufacturer; Spring Bank

JOWETT, Joseph (1766-1844)                          Farmer on Silsden Moor

JOWETT, William (1802-1874)                          Farmer at Crossmoor

LAMBERT, David (1825-1913)                          Cartwright

LAMBERT, John (1785-1851)                           Farmer; North End Farm

LAMBERT, John (1825-1909)                           Farmer; Brunthwaite

LAMBERT, Richard Henry (1857-1947)            Wheelwright/Cartwright

LAMBERT, Thomas (1794-1860s)                    Farmer at Middle Brunthwaite Farm

LAMBERT, Tobias (1733-1821)                         Handloom weaver; Ghyll Grange

LAMBERT, Tobias (1770-1855)                         Farmer; Ghyll Grange

LAMBERT, Tobias (1849-?)                               Cartwright

LAMBERT, William Henry (1861-1943)             Book keeper/Cashier; amateur artist

LEE, James (1805-1871)                                   Road surveyor

LEE, James (1818-1877)                                   Civil engineer

LEE, John (1827-1888)                                     Canal bank ranger

LEE, John (1841-1889)                                     Canal manager

LONGBOTTOM, David (1851-1915)                  Headmaster; Bolton Road School

MITCHELL, Charles (1862- ?)                           Worsted coating manufacturer; briefly at Silsden House

NEWTON, George (1768-1832)                         Woolcomber

NEWTON, James (1770-1823)                           Nail maker

NEWTON, James (1796-1836)                           Handloom weaver

NEWTON, Jonas (1798-1868)                            Wharfinger; coal dealer; village constable

NEWTON, Jonas (1831-1906)                            Nail maker

NEWTON, Joseph (1794-1883)                          Nil maker and local preacher

NEWTON, Samuel (1813-1856)                         Labourer

NEWTON, William (1803-1883)                          Nail maker and local preacher

PAGE, Thomas (1792-1858)                               Primitive Methodist school teacher

SHACKLETON, Benjamin (1845-1909)              Paper tube manufacturer; Bleak House

SHACKLETON, James (1833- ?)                        Paper tube manufacturer

SHACKLETON, James (1859-1910)                   Paper tube manufacturer

SHACKLETON, Joseph (1826- ?)                       Paper tube manufacturer

SHACKLETON, Thomas(1841-1884)                 Clog iron maker; Bridge Street

SHUTTLEWORTH, John (1771-1852)                Weaver; agricultural labourer

SHUTTLEWOETH, John (1812-1871)                Farmer; Near Ghyll Grange

SHUTTLEWORTH, Thomas (1809- ?)                Woolcomber

SMITH, Henry Clarence Fox (1897-1976)          Great War soldier

SMITH, John William (1890-1933)                      Professional photographer

SPENCER, James Henry (1862-1912)               Plumber and painter

STOCKS, James (1820-1872)                            Worsted manufacturer; Becks Mill

STOCKS, James Isaac (1859-1924)                  Stuff manufacturer; Becks Mill

SUMMERSCALES, David ( ? -1855)                  Coal merchant

SUMMERSCALES, Henry (1780- ?)                   Farmer; Seamoor

SUMMERSCALES, Henry (1783-1871)              Carrier; smallholder

SUMMERSCALES, John (1781- ?)                     Farmer; Bridge Street area

SUMMERSCALES, Richard (1815-1880)           Farmer and Publican; Punch Bowl Inn

TAYLOR, George Smith (1838-1904)                  Woolstapler and farmer; Hainsworth House

THROUP, Elizabeth (1817-1879)                        Briefly landlady og Punch Bowl

THROUP, Mary (1815-1897)                               Spinster: Shop keeper

THROUP, Matthew (1778-1855)                          Brackenhill Farm; Butcher (Back Lane area)

THROUP, Sarah (1845-1918)                              Married Thomas Shackleton; Bridge Street

THROUP, Thomas (1768-1836)                          Landlord of Punch Bowl

THROUP, Thomas (1820-1888)                          Landlord of Punch Bowl

THROUP, Thomas (1830-1897)                          Nail master; Old Hall

WADE, Herbert (1868-1945)                              Grocer and corn dealer; Briggate

WEATHERHEAD, Charles (1828-1907)             Grocer and draper; Silsden Local Board

WIDDOP, Jacob (1752-1838)                             Farmer; Holden

WIDDOP, William (1809-1866)                           Farmer; Howden Top

WIDDOP, William (1848-1866)                           Farmer's son at Howden Top (drowned)

WILSON, James (1767-1836)                            Charcoal burner; Black Pots

WILSON, James (1828-1904)                            Farmer; Black Pots

WILSON, James (1870-1938)                            Farmer; Black Pots

WILSON, Jeremiah (1739-1821)                        Charcoal burner; Black Pots

WILSON, Jeremiah (1797-1850)                        Woolcomber and farmer; Black Pots

WRIGHT, William (1803-1873)                           Worsted manufacturer; Becks Mill


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